Florida Friendly Mail and Pollinators

Summer 2019

Any space, no matter how big or small, can benefit from a more intentional approach and thoughtful design. An attractive and more inviting entry garden was the goal for this client. She was tired of the same ol’ boring walk to the mailbox and she wanted to invite pollinators and guests with more enthusiasm.

A beautiful Florida-friendly landscape yard centered around a mailbox.

Clusters of native and Florida-friendly plant selections catch the human interest with a visual diversity of textures and colors, as well as fragrance. These same attributes also call the attention of pollinators, butterflies, and birds. An otherwise dull space came alive in one afternoon.

A beautiful Florida-friendly landscape yard centered around a mailbox.

The tubular orange flowers of Soap Aloe (Aloe saponaria) have an abundant nectar supply for many pollinating insects and are especially attractive to hummingbirds.

The short native Elliott’s Love Grass (Eragrostis elliottii) and the taller growth of Florida-friendly Lemongrass (Cymbogon citratus) provide layers of height and density to offer pollinators shelter and protection from predators.

Another highlight in this garden is the addition of Garden Phlox (Phlox paniculata), which provides an illuminating mass of pink color, a subtle scent, and is a magnet for butterflies.

Installation Contractor: Bella Vista Landscaping