Guided DIY

Spring 2020

I am grateful for the opportunity to express my appreciation of Denise Weber’s landscape services over the years.

I met Denise around 2000 when she worked at Greenery Square in Gainesville. At that time I was just learning about gardening and had very limited knowledge about plants in Florida and had lots of questions. I was very impressed with the way Denise listened and attempted to answer all of them with very helpful information.

A beautiful Florida-friendly landscape yard with native plants.

In 2003 as I was landscaping my yard I called Denise and asked for help. She was very enthusiastic and creative. Studied my yard very diligently and made sure that I understood the difference between plants. In a short time she came up with a beautiful design and introduced me to plants I never knew existed. She was very aware of my budget limitations and made sure that we did not exceed it. I am enjoying the results of her hard work to this day.

A beautiful Florida-friendly landscape yard with native plants.

About a year ago I started a new and very elaborate project around the creek on my property and called Denise again and asked for help. She did her magic again. My overgrown jungle changed into a serene and gorgeous secret garden. Her work is so impressive that my neighbors decided to hire her for their project. I watched the whole transition from a very beginning from a very common and traditional look to new and unique landscape.

I call Denise a plant whisperer and I would recommend her to anybody.

Sincerely, Gosia Sobala

Before: an image of the client site before work began.

Installation Contractor: The client did it herself!